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Who is the Conduit columnist known as The Alternative Indian?

Khrishma Preston, The Alternative Indian, grew up in a traditional Gujarati (Indian) home where her mum only cooked Indian (with some Tanzanian influence) home-made vegetarian meals from scratch. No eggs, no fish. Just beans, pulses, lentils, fruit and vegetables.

Khrish Preston

Khrish ran a popular restaurant in West Coker, The Alternative Indian, Tiffins and Tapas, was based out of ‘The Bistro’ Bar in West Coker. And then Lockdown happened!

The doors to the bistro in West Coker closed, but Khrish re-invented her business. She bought a beautiful classic horse-box to convert into a mobile kitchen – a work in progress. In early November 2020, she aunched The Alternative Indian, YouTube Channel. The channel aims to provide updates on the business, recipes, as well as reviewing Indian food products in the market that you can find at any supermarket.

Look out for Khrish’s monthly column in The Conduit and follow some of her delicious recipes. Visit The Alternative Indian’s Youtube Channel: or install the app to watch her videos and get more from Instagram: