The Stag’s Head Inn always uses some of the very best produce the local lands have to offer. This currently includes purple sprouting broccoli, pheasant, venison, spring greens, beetroot and leeks. We use fantastic local cider to steam River Fowey mussels and then finish them with local cream and freshly supplied tarragon. Favourite dishes with our customers at the moment are braised pheasant on a bed of pearl barley, beautifully delicious lamb and passion fruit and white chocolate crème brûlée… What’s not to like? In fact, we recently had a personal request for our chef to make up a batch of the pearl barley recipe to satisfy a pregnant lady’s cravings since she ate it here last week! With Mothering Sunday fast approaching it’s perhaps time to turn our minds to providing a little treat for that special someone. How about making some delicious chocolate, orange and coconut truffles for your mum, and see if she can identify the extra little secret ingredient…?Ingredients
50ml of double cream
125g of dark chocolate, chilled
and grated
A little orange zest
Desiccated coconut
*20ml of stout

In a thick bottomed saucepan, bring the stout, orange zest and cream to the boil. Remove from the heat and fold in the  chocolate. Stir until smooth, cool slightly, and then set in the fridge for a few hours. Once chilled, using a teaspoon scoop out a small amount of mixture and mould into the desired shape with your hands, then roll the truffle in some grated coconut until fully coated. Shake gently to remove any loose coconut, and then place on a plate back in the fridge until required.
Presentation is all important for the mother of the house, so neatly place the truffles on a decorative plate or platter, or
prepare a pretty gift box with tissue paper, and gently place the truffles inside, closing the tissue paper over and popping
the lid on. For a final touch, tie with a colourful ribbon! If this is all really a little bit too much more than you had in mind, why not come on down and visit us here in lovely Yarlington, treat your Mum to lunch and we’ll make up some truffles for her, on your behalf.

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