Local Radio update from Taff Martin, Chairman Abbey104

About three years ago I became chairman of Abbey104, formerly Radio Sherborne. As the former name implies it was a radio station set up by volunteers to broadcast to Sherborne.

Before going live on air we changed the name to Abbey104 incorporating not only our beautiful Sherborne Abbey but also allowing us to include all villages local to Sherborne. This is important as some villages lose their post offices, pubs and meeting places, it’s very easy to be cut off from those around you and feel ever more isolated.
This was a matter of concern for me taking over as chairman as Community Radio should be exactly that: a community led radio station that is inclusive for all. To that end we have reached out to villages and hamlets around Sherborne to make sure they can send us any info for Abbey 104 to broadcast to a wider audience. Village fetes, car shows, local sports results and also specific news for the area. All are included for our presenters to read out on air and be included on our Events Page on Abbey104 website.

All this is done by volunteers, some are retired people, some are still in full time employment and yes some are still at school. This enables us to be a radio station for the local community as that’s exactly where we come from, the community.
I have lived in Sherborne and the local area for over thirty years, it’s my home and seen a few changes, and I feel strongly about what happens in the area and the community. Over the next 10-20 years we will see more changes for Sherborne with planning, the town will get bigger and this will impact us all in various ways, but we must try and keep a sense of community spirit and also retain our links with the villages. A new Arts Centre, Summer Festival, a revamped Pack Monday Fair, Festive Shopping Day – all of these you can guarantee we will be featuring and talking about through various locally produced shows on Abbey104. These events not only bring in people from around the area to visit but help in building the local economy for our shops and businesses to flourish.
Abbey104 not only wants to broadcast music and news to the community but also to give people a chance to present a show themselves. We have a very friendly team of presenters who are all willing to help train up new presenters, just take requests for you or dedicate songs to family all around the area, keeping them in your thoughts. We are always looking to give people a chance to help on Abbey104. If you would rather not present, maybe you would still like to be involved at events or as technical staff. Abbey 104 is getting bigger, we are gaining more listeners and are involved as we possibly can be, but we still want to do more. Would you like to help or volunteer? Do not think you are too old, too young or not up to a challenge – it can be a wonderful hobby and you will be giving something back to the community.
Be a part of your Community radio station Abbey104.

Look online at www.abbey104.com or tune in on 104.7fm

Email studio@abbey104.com or even visit the studio at any time at Coombe Works, Coombe, Sherborne, DT9 4AU.

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