Valentine’s Day can be a waste nightmare unless you choose gifts that will last and recycle everything by adding empty bottles to your kerbside box, fading flowers to the compost bin, and every last chocolate to your waistline.

But there is plenty of love out there that can help you waste far less, recycle much more and save money, from the delights or disasters of your dinner table to the crowded rails in the deepest recesses of your wardrobe, according to Somerset Waste Partnership.

Given that the average family with children wastes around £60 a month of food that could have been eaten, Love Food Hate Waste at is a great free online resource with a feast of ideas about planning meals, shopping carefully, label dates, and portion sizes.

And Love Your Clothes at aims to cut the estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothes that end up in landfill each year with advice on buying better, care and repair, and how to donate, sell or recycle every scrap of fabric you no longer need.

Meanwhile, Somerset hosts dozens of places, from charity stores to vintage outlets to Taunton Recycling Centre’s Reuse Shop, where pre-loved clothes and other items, many hardly if ever used, can be found at great prices.

A SWP spokesperson said: “Between them, these lovely sites and shops could save you plenty, free up space, give you a new style, create great family meals, offer you bargains, and help you cut back on costly waste.”

And SWP is hoping that this month, when the weather and road conditions remain poor, you could spare a little love for your waste crews by being patient if you get held up in traffic behind a truck that is not pulling over to let motorists go by.

The SWP spokesperson said: “After near-misses from aggressive drivers squeezing past, crews are told to prioritise safety for all road users as they move heavy loads from both sides of the street, while taking no longer than necessary.”

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