“We all have a story to tell. Taking time to remember, reflect and record our life stories and memories creates an extraordinary gift for the people we care about”, says Kate Schneider, director of The Life Story Project.

Based in Somerset and covering the South West, The Life Story Project offers time and support to individuals, families and groups who wish to capture and keep safe stories, memories, photos, music, poems, and other memorabilia. “Each project is unique – planned in partnership with each person, family, or group to ensure that it reflects the things that most matter to them, in their own words.”

“Many people think that no-one would be interested in their life story, yet with a little support and gentle questioning their story emerges.”  Kate transcribes people’s stories and memories using different media including recordings, books and booklets, albums, scrapbooks, DVDs, CDs and memory boxes. People have written letters to loved ones, to be saved for the future; told their life story in their own words and illustrated it with photos; recorded favourite stories and poems for their grandchildren; and recorded the ‘tracks of their years’ or ‘Desert Island Discs’, saying why the music is important to them.

“Often people have involved their family members, their children and grandchildren in creating personal and treasured gifts. It has been an enjoyable and positive process.” They celebrate milestones – from births to graduations, marriages, anniversaries, retirement, and memorials.

The Life Story Project offers people time to reflect on the past, present and future. It enables people to make sense of their lives, celebrating and saving memories, thoughts, and messages for people who are dear to them.  To find out more, or to contact Kate go to www.thelifestoryproject.co.uk  (mob: 07568 179834).

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