The Charles Dickens/William Charles Macready Sherborne House Screen is to go on display in the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh next June. The theme of the Exhibition is Collage and will include by many famous artists, not least both Picasso and Salvidor Dali.

The Screen was given to the Friends of Sherborne House by Sir Nevill Macready, the direct descendant of William Charles Macready, the great Victorian Shakespearean actor who lived in Sherborne House 1850-60. According to family legend it was decorated by the latter along with his close friend Charles Dickens and it was done with great care with some 400 pictures of works of art, around 1850. The screen is large, with four leaves each 6’ 3” x 3’ and has recently been expertly cleaned, conserved and restored after an Appeal for £22,000 by the Friends.

“The transformation brought about by the conservationist, Rebecca Donan, is stunning,” said Jeremy Barker, director of the Appeal. “The screen is now magnificent, awe-inspiring, so too the research done by Kent University into the copies of the paintings attached to the screen. Happily, and at last, the public will be able to see it in all its newfound glory”.

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