The Conduit goes out to towns and villages across South Somerset and West Dorset and we want to be one of the first media channels to step up and support our readers and the many small businesses that serve our local area. When we read about this brand new initiative coming from The Conduit’s home town of Sherborne, we wanted to add our support and also encourage other towns to follow suit. Here’s what’s happening so far: The Sherborne Independent businesses (Sherborne Indies) are really concerned about what will happen to the high street over the coming weeks, but also more importantly what would happen to the local community that they rely on.

 It was decided to offer a delivery service so that anyone who is self-isolating or social distancing or placed in isolation by the Government would still be able to access their favourite goods from their favourite local high street shops.

 And so the delivery service was born, there are a number of shops taking part – see the advert.  As well as Sherborne the service covers Milborne Port, Nether Compton, Trent, Over Compton, Longburton, Holnest and Adber.

 The group was also concerned about looking after our local community and so the Facebook Page Sherborne Viral Kindness was set up.

 They have recruited and are still recruiting people to look after their own areas or streets – the street co-ordinators. They have been asked to be uniform in their approach and introduce themselves with a template.  High vis tabards featuring the logo or the word “volunteer” are being sourced.  The aim is to try and discourage any unscrupulous people who may try and take advantage of vulnerable people. 

The Conduit will feature similar schemes set up by any of the towns or villages covered across our wide catchment area. Remember we can push out notifications on your behalf via our Conduit Facebook page and also feature them online on our website.



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