A local club that caters for people who love wine is looking for some new members.

The Wine Hunters club is aimed at people (based within a 10 mile radius of Yeovil) who enjoy drinking wine, but more importantly also those who share an interest in learning more about all aspects of wine. This is achieved through monthly wine tasting meetings which take place at member’s houses on the first Thursday of each month.

Volunteer members host the wine tastings or occasionally invited speakers lead tastings on a wine based theme. Members learn about the background into the producer or grape and/or region, depending on what might be of interest to the host and the club. Club Chair Allan Phillipson said, “This year Wine Hunters is celebrating its 25th anniversary and we would love to have some new blood in the group. You don’t have to “know” about wine to become a member. The whole point of the club is that people join to learn more.”

The wines are funded by a small monthly subscription allowing a tasting of 6-8 bottles shared between up to 20 members and guests. The club organises two other funded events. The Annual Dinner where the wine is matched to the menu and the Annual Tasting with a budget of around £1000 provides the opportunity to taste wines from top producers. If you are interested in joining us as a guest or a member, please contact: aphillipson@ATIL.co.uk or call Jane Adkins on: 01935 813114.

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